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August 19, 2012

Posted by acroanmph in Public Health.

Originally posted on Eat Healthy & Thrive:

How can a diet of raw foods and fresh juices be so beneficial?

The most important aspect of raw foods and fresh juices is the energy that you receive from live foods.  This energy is used rather than stored as fat (which is what tends to happen with the standard American diet). Raw foods contain plenty of enzymes –  cooking detroys these beneficial enzymes.  The plant enzymes combine with your own digestive enzymes and speed up your metabolism.

Cooked foods take much longer to digest, and therefore tend to be stored in your body as fat.  But raw foods – and especially fresh juices, are digested very easily.

Every time you eat cooked and/or processed foods, your system has to divert resources and energy into your digestive process. Raw foods and fresh juice makes use of the enzymes within those foods to aid your digestion, sparing your digestive system from a lot of hard work.


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