Delaying Varicocele TreatmentDelaying Varicocele Treatment

Varicocele is a problem related to the abnormality or damage of the veins of the scrotum. The condition is marked with the presence of a lump(s) of distended veins in the scrotal sac. This dilation or distention of the veins happens when the valves that regulate the blood flow inside veins become dysfunctional. Hence, the blood keeps collecting in the veins and makes them swollen and twisted.

Varicocele can develop due to various causes such as lifting heavy weights, accident, trauma, drinking water while standing, etc. Considering that the condition is related to the groin region, yes it is right that varicoceles do have an impact on a male’s fertility. Dealing with varicocele is itself a bit challenging and when the varicocele treatment is delayed , infertility issues can show up.

The following are the possible infertility issues that can arise due to delays in the varicocele treatment:

  • It can affect the sperm production- As the volume of blood accumulated inside the veins in the scrotum increases, the temperature around the testicles starts to elevate. This elevated testicular temperature can have adverse effects on the spermatogenesis process. As a result, the sperm quantity and quality may be compromised and it becomes difficult for the sperm to fertilize the female egg.
  • It can cause the testosterone levels to drop- Recent studies have revealed that prolonged varicoceles can affect the testosterone levels in the body. And not just testosterone, varicoceles can cause an imbalance in the levels of other hormones like FSH and LH as well. These two hormones stimulate the primary reproductive organs in males. Since these have a crucial role to play in the reproductive system, the person may face infertility issues.
  • It can increase the number of abnormal sperms- Men with varicoceles are known to produce a greater proportion of tapered headed sperms (abnormally shaped). These abnormally shaped sperms are less likely to fertilize the egg and therefore the couple may face problems while trying to conceive.
  • It can damage the sperm DNA- Due to varicocele, the abdominal fluids and chemicals can come in contact with the testicles. These chemicals, along with the oxidative stress, can cause sperm DNA fragmentation and affect the sperm health. If the sperms are unhealthy, fertility problems are bound to happen.
  • It can cause sexual dysfunction- Varicoceles restrict the flow of blood through the arteries. This can cause reduced blood flow to the scrotum and the penis. The decreased blood flow and the drop in testosterone levels can affect your libido and cause sexual problems like erectile dysfunction.

But the timely treatment of varicoceles can prevent any such complications related to fertility. Since varicoceles have a tendency to reappear, the treatment must be so effective that it ensures permanent relief. And mostly, surgical treatment only seems to suit the best.The fear or apprehension around the traditional open surgery is understandable if we look at the common cases of complications after the treatment. This makes most men dealing with varicocele so fearful that may not even consult a doctor regarding a surgery.

But gladly, this scenario  has been changing for the better over the past few years. The modern surgery for varicocele called laparoscopic varicocelectomy has come into existence. Read further to find out the detailed insights into this treatment.

Permanent treatment of varicocele- laparoscopic varicocelectomy

It is the most reliable option to treat even the severest cases of varicocele.

The laparoscopic surgery is way too simpler and highly precise over the traditional open surgery that most people fear. Unlike open varicocelectomy, laparoscopic varicocelectomy does not require any major incisions to treat the damaged scrotal veins.

In laparoscopic varicocelectomy, the surgeon carries out a few small incisions in the groin region, inserts laparoscopic equipment through these incisions and seals off the swollen veins. The surgeon then closes off the cuts using minor sutures.

The entire surgery is performed under the influence of anesthesia and is thus 100% painless. Since no big incisions are made, there is no risk of complications or infections, which makes laparoscopic varicocelectomy absolutely safe. You can return home on the same day as the surgery and the recovery is also quite speedy. Just follow the instructions provided by your doctor and you’ll recover in less than a week.

In most cases, the fertility usually improves after undergoing permanent varicocele surgery. However, this can take upto 3-4 months and thus you must be a little patient. So, if you are facing fertility problems along with the discomforts of varicocele, laparoscopic varicocelectomy is the best choice you can make.

Although a number of healthcare providers offer the laparoscopic varicocele surgery, it is better to consult an experienced urologist to ensure a reliable treatment. One healthcare provider you can reach out to for a safe treatment of your varicocele is Pristyn Care. They are associated with some of the best urologists and varicocele specialists in Delhi and have an amazing track record in the field. You can consult one of their urologists at a nearby clinic by booking your appointment online.

Hopefully, all the information about the varicocele treatment might have cleared your doubts. But that is not all we have for you. We would also like to put forth some simple yet effective tips for you to follow even after the treatment to improve the fertile health and any damage.

  • Wear jockstrap for scrotal support while carrying out any rigorous physical activities such as gymming, sports, etc. This minimizes the chances of abnormality in the scrotum such as varicocele and hydrocele.
  • Inhibit the consumption of nicotine and alcohol. These have adverse negative impacts on the entire health and cause infertility issues.
  • Instead of preservatives, artificial sweetener, and colas switch to natural foods. Eat lots of green vegetables, wholegrains and fruits. This boosts the immunity and keeps the infertility problems at bay.
  • Full body stretching and yoga poses to enhance the blood supply to the reproductive parts and strengthen them. Also, keeping up with a fitness routine keeps a check on the stress and anxiety levels. Hence, there is a holistic benefit of exercising regularly and performing yoga as well.
  • Regular full body checkup for earliest diagnosis of any disease. The sooner the problem is diagnosed, the easier it is to tackle it.

Take Away

Conditions of abnormality or dysfunction of the reproductive organs is as common as any other health problem. The problem lies in keeping silent about it and not seeking medical help until it becomes an emergency situation. Keeping an open mind and being well-informed  is the right way to put an end to this vicious cycle. A condition like varicocele is quite common in young men, more than you may actually know about. The only wise course of action is to reach out to a specialist doctor in time and undergo proper treatment. Doing so keeps us from a lot of unwanted problems and stress. So, if you or your near one is suffering from varicocele or any other urological condition, shed the inhibition and speak to a doctor today only.

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