How to Recover Data from a Physically Damaged LaptopHow to Recover Data from a Physically Damaged Laptop

You may lose data from laptops in two scenarios. First, when there is logical damage (which can be resolved by using software) and second, where there is physical damage. Physical damage can be defined as any damage caused to the laptop’s storage media, which cannot be repaired by unskilled help. This could be a result of external forces such as as liquid spill, mishandling of the laptop, overheating, etc.

How to know if the laptop is damaged physically?

Here are some indications and ways to know if a laptop has physical damage:

  1. Head Crash: There is a read-write head of a hard drive which remains isolated. However, sometimes for inevitable reasons, read-write head comes in contact with its rotating platter, damaging the magnetic media on the platter surface. This wouldresult in the data loss from the laptop.
  2. Scratched Platters:Ifthe platters have scratches on its surface, it will damage the read-write head of the hard drive, which results in inaccessibility ofdata on the laptop.
  3. Clicking and Grinding:If you’re hearing these kinds of noises, it should be taken as a sign of hard drive failure.
  4. Disaster: ‘Disaster’ can encircle various accidents such as liquid spilled over the laptop or it accidentally fell on the ground. These kinds of accidents lead to physical damage, resulting in data loss.
  5. Overheating: If usage of the laptop isn’t watched upon, it might get overheated, leading to damage to its internal elements.

In a nutshell, if the laptop isn’t working and the important data could not be accessed, it indicates that there might be physical damage. Once the damage is confirmed to be ‘physical,’ the following are the steps to consider:

Tips to get 100% results from data recovery:

  • In case the laptop is still working, shut it down to avoid further data loss.
  • Keep the laptop safe from any further damage.
  • Do not try to solve this problem on your own as it may lead to permanent loss of data.
  • Do not open the drive to check what is wrong with it.

How to recover data from a laptop which is physically damaged?

If you’re considering to repair the physically damaged laptop first and then go for laptop data recovery, this will prove to be the worst kind of approach. It is because exposing the storage media of the laptop to a regular atmosphere will lead to permanent data loss. Hence, it is suggested to first approached professional data recovery service providers such as Stellarton to recover data from the damaged laptop.

Why Stellar?

Stellar has been successfully recovering data for its customers since 1993. They have a team of well-experienced technicians. They also provide free pick up services. They guarantee 100% privacy with their safe, secure, private, and completely transparent data recovery process. Any kind of physically damaged laptop recovery can be entrusted with Stellar without a second thought as they have been handling simple to complex cases of data loss since their establishment. Irrespective of the reason of data loss and the type of storage media (internal, external, SSD, HDD, etc.), Stellar goes beyond the limits to recover the lost data for its customers. Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung and ASUS are some of the laptop brands from which they have successfullyrecoveredthe data.However, for logical cases like data deleted, corrupted, formatted you can try free data recovery software.

Tips to avoid data loss in future

Although it is unavoidable, but youcan surely take some precautions to avoid chances of data loss in future:

  1. Always keep the liquids out of the reach of the laptop.
  2. Make sure to keep the laptop on a stable surface while using it.
  3. Try not to drop the laptop from the hands.
  4. Keep the laptop in a bag specifically designed for laptops.
  5. A laptop could even be kept in a case specially designed to protect the laptops from physical damage upon a fall.


The entire situation of data loss is enough to give panic attacks. However, Stellar ensures 100% data recovery if the process is followed religiously. However, in case of no recovery, Stellar does not charge anything which makes the organization even more reliable. No one can foresee the mishappening, but with a little presence of mind and trust in data recovery professionals, can definitely cope with the data loss situation, if it arises.

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