Manage your anxietyManage your anxiety

Mental health has become a cause of concern worldwide. According to WHO, 3.6% of the world’s population – around 264 million individuals – have an anxiety disorder. This increase can be attributed to the recent pandemic too. Lockdown and isolation from the social setup have either created some kind of stress or inflated the existing conditions.

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Hug it out

Built-in naturally, humans get into fight or flight mode when they sense a threat coming their way. The same goes with emotions too. While the anxiety starts kicking in, it is quite common to either resist it or shoo it with distraction. It only creates more room for the negative thought to stay.

Instead of reluctantly facing it, why don’t we welcome it with open arms?! Well, I understand that these words are easier said than done. However, acknowledge that each step towards improvement takes patience and practice. So try accepting the feeling and understand the roots that are causing it. Identifying the problem is half battle won!

All-day every day

Anxiety has been the most common outcome of the pandemic. During the last two years, millions of people have either lost their jobs or quit, many others have unwillingly stuck to their work profiles. However, this has led to massive dissatisfaction and also depression. 

As uncertainty peaked, so did the anxiety in several people. One way to manage such a situation is by bringing in some sense of monotony in life, like waking up at a specific time and working out immediately after. A routine gives a sense of safety to the human mind.


Lying in bed until 3 PM, eating nachos while binging on Netflix shows isn’t as much of self-care as we think it to be. Although one needs such a break from the world for a day or two, it shouldn’t become an everyday habit. Having a structured plan and discipline is crucial while taking care of yourself.

Learn the art of meditation or yoga – the creative floor is yours. As long as you are being productive about finding a balance, you’re on the right track. Find your disciplined rhythm, be it how you breathe, exercise or dance. After all the meditation, don’t forget to take that lazy Netflix break!

Final thoughts

Trying to find ground in this chaos can be exhausting but patience and perseverance are the ones that will help you through the tough times. If the anxiety becomes severe, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Because mental health is equally important as a physical one!

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