The Two Most Important Qualities for a Retail PromoterThe Two Most Important Qualities for a Retail Promoter

The skill and knowledge of a retail promoter affect the efficacy of in-store promotions. They are the best and most immediate advocate of your brands when they promote your product to the customer who is one step away from making a purchase. The performance of a retail promoter plays a crucial role in the conversion of a footfall to a purchase. So, how do you know your in-store promotion team is the best you can get? Well! The following two points are the overriding factors here. Read further to know what they are.

Knowledge about McCarthy’s Lessons aka The 4Ps

A capable and proficient store promoter understands the 4Ps and the basics of sales. Let’s assume this more.

  1. Product

So, the first P stands for the product. Besides knowing the client’s products in and out, they should also know the entire product line and the category of products that it falls under. It prepares them to be able to offer competent advice on how to use or set up the product, product storage, and post-purchase care, possible side effects, etc. Further, they should also have extensive knowledge about the products by competitors and be able to explain to the customers why their product is better than those by the competitors.

  • Placement

Product promoters who know their job well know the importance of product placement because ‘within site is within the mind.’ Unless a customer notices a product, sales aren’t possible. So, these professionals display products and product information (for example, discounts, festive season offers) intending to “disrupt” the shopper while they are shopping. For example, in areas where the density of shoppers is high, promos are put on a show so that they can be easily seen. Moreover, the strategic positioning of goods and their logical grouping also matter; so do the compliance with the retailer’s and brand’s guidelines.

  • Price

The price of the product plays a significant role in a customer’s purchase decision; especially in a price-sensitive country like India. When customers are buying a new product, price comparison is among the many factors that they consider. So, a good store promoter keeps themselves updated about the prices of the products they are promoting and when asked, shares information on the regular price of the product, the amount of discount offered, and the promotional price.

  • Promotion

Store promotion is the forte of strong retail promoters. They know how to utilise marketing materials and point-of-purchase displays to leave cues for the customers.

Their feedback is essential for brands to reap the maximum benefit of product promotion for increasing sales. Besides, they are the bridge between the company and the customers as they interact with them; and through skills like excellent communication, persuasion, and product knowledge convince them to buy the product(s).

  1. Excellent Customer Service

You must have heard often that customer service is the critical differentiator in the retail industry. Remember! No two ways about it. Even if the store promoter has got every other sales promotion method implemented well, it won’t work effectively without a person who knows how to communicate, assist, and engage with customers.

Are there any other qualities that define a successful retail promoter?

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