In a nutshell, it will be enough to decipher the acronym VPN – a virtual private network. And in more detail, it is called a secure connection between the device and the Internet. They ensure the anonymity of the device and allow you to overcome censorship and other restrictions freely.

Like any security system, a VPN works based on data encryption. When you turn on the system and start using it, the VPN service begins to encrypt everything that passes through the traffic. Because of this, even if someone wants to, they won’t be able to know your movements over the Internet.

Why Use a VPN

A VPN provides complete anonymity to your device and protects your data from leakage. This can be useful in many situations:

  • If you specify personal or contact information on the site, the VPN system will prevent intruders from getting it. This will save you not only from serious fraud but also from trivial spam to your email or cell phone.
  • The use of public Wi-Fi networks can also pose a threat because their encryption is usually not the most secure. A VPN will additionally encrypt your data when using such open networks. So even if hackers can get this information, they won’t be able to decrypt it and use it against you.
  • When you turn on the VPN, it automatically changes your IP address. Thanks to this, no one can find out your location. This system allows you to be virtually located even in other countries, which will help you bypass censorship in your region and access blocked content.
  • In addition to increasing your security by encrypting your data, a VPN also protects you from incoming threats. For example, Planet VPN provides built-in protection against malicious sites, ads, and pop-ups.

Disadvantages of Connecting via Vpn

Such weighty advantages as a high level of security and complete anonymity completely outweigh the possible disadvantages. However, you need to study all the system details to know what you might encounter.

One of the most common problems can be slow traffic. This is not surprising because the system changes your IP address. In addition, it also takes time to encrypt and decrypt data. However, many services have already solved this problem and VPN traffic is no different from usual.

You should also be wary of unverified and questionable services. In parallel with encryption, they can monitor your activity.

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