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So, you took the leap, packed your stuff, and now there’s no looking back! Congratulations on making a bold  and dramatic move! How exciting to be taking on this new adventure and starting this new chapter in your life. The question is though, now that you’ve made a new town your home, what are the first few items you should check off of your to-do list?

Do the Adult Things!

This goes at the top of the list solely because it’s all of the things that nobody likes to do but that we have to do. Do these tasks first, get them done and out of the way so you can focus on the fun aspects of moving! Make sure that you:

  • Find a new primary care physician.
  • Find a new dentist.
  • Find a pharmacy if that’s something you need.
  • Make sure your current health insurance is widely accepted in your area, if it isn’t, research new insurance companies.

Take a Tour of the Neighborhood

Depending on your area, you can either go for a walk or take a leisurely drive around town. This will help you get your bearings and get an idea of what stores, restaurants, and other facilities are in your new area! Do this without your GPS, just drive around, get a feel! You can always use your GPS to get back home but having a solid foundation and layout in your head is always beneficial.

If you moved alone, figure out how to get to and from your new job (if you don’t have a new job yet, add that to the list!). If you moved with children, determine where their school is while you take this tour!

Get Your New Place Set Up

This will take you more than 24 hours but dedicate some time to getting your new home set up how you want it to be set up. Do more than just unpack your belongings, really nest! Make this new place your own because, after all, it is! Do some shopping, visit garage sales (and save some money by doing so!), check out the local style, etc.

Find Your New Go-To Spots

This will not be something you can do in a day, but it’s important to have those handful of restaurants or lounge areas that you enjoy in the back of your mind. You’ll need to test some places out but find those spots you can go to when you need to unwind or have some time for yourself. They will make the transition much smoother!

Say Hello!

If you live in the kind of neighborhood that this is feasible and appropriate, make sure to introduce yourself to at least 2 of your neighbors. It’s important that someone knows you are there.

Moving can be an intimidating process, there’s so much to handle, to worry about, to learn, but make sure you get the basics covered before you really start getting into it! Say hi to your soon-to-be new friends, handle your healthcare, and take a tour of your new home! Remember, this is a fun time for you, enjoy it!

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