Origin of Salt and Pepper DiamondsOrigin of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Diamonds are expensive and rare. They are many different kinds of diamonds, especially distinguished with their grade and color. However, one of the most innovative forms of diamonds is salt and pepper diamonds. These contemporary types of diamonds are unique and different from each other because of their surface inclusions.

Origin of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Like all other diamonds, the popular ‘salt and pepper’ diamonds are treasured from the deepest layer of Earth’s crust. These gemstones are formed beneath the Earth’s surface a billion years ago. As the formation of the diamond takes place, the crystal gets exposed to the outer environment.

The crystal comes in direct contact with minerals, carbon compounds, and other crystals. These foreign elements accumulate over the surface of the diamond to form inclusions. Salt and pepper diamonds have more imperfections in the form of inclusions than purer diamond forms.

These inclusions provide different arrays of color and gradient to the diamonds, making them appear in the shades of whites, greys, and blacks.

Aspects of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

The diamonds coming under the broad category of salt and pepper diamonds are one of the finest choices of engagement rings with colored diamonds. Women who love the contemporary look should opt for salt and pepper diamond rings.

Each of the diamonds in this category is unique and their uniqueness depends upon their outward form. The appearance is different from one another in terms of color and inclusions.

The inclusions are surface blemishes appearing over the diamond. These inclusions can vary in their consistency and color, making the surface of the diamond appear to be in the shades of white, grey, and black.

However, the consistency, length, and color of the inclusions vary from diamond to diamond, thereby imparting different colors and texture to each of the diamonds.

Status Quo Appearance of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

The phrase ‘salt and pepper’ is the nomenclature for diamonds because of the surface inclusions appearing in this kind of diamond. There are white and black inclusions of diamond that signifies salt and pepper.

However, they are real diamonds, and rare and exquisite as other diamonds. These inclusions are like small imperfections over the surface that provide unique characteristic features including gradient and color.

Nearly all the forms of real diamonds have some amount of inclusions in them. However, most of the imperfections of clear diamonds are not visible from the naked eyes and inclusions do not hinder the clarity of the diamonds.

These diamonds also have different shapes and sizes making it more customizable for engagement rings or rings for presenting to the bride. Women who adore contemporary and unique outlook in their jewelry pieces can opt for these types of rings as they have a lot of personality with a smokey and modern look.

Worth of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

The worth of a diamond depends upon four prime factors – cut, clarity, carat, and color.  Salt and pepper diamonds are the wild and raw form of diamonds, which are roughly-cut with a contemporary style.

There are imperfections present all over the diamond surface, lowering their clarity. In the case of salt and pepper diamonds, the four prime factors do not come into play as it inherently cancels out the diamond grading system.

However, it does not mean that these diamonds are not valuable. On the contrary, they are valuable forms of the diamond that are rare and unique in their features. These diamonds are less costly than the traditional white diamond. Therefore, with a high budget, one can easily buy beautifully crafted and bright salt and pepper diamonds.

Application in Wedding Jewelry

Salt and pepper diamonds differ from each other in color, gradient, size, and shape, making each diamond stand out from the rest. They are the best choice for jewelry, especially suitable for salt and pepper diamond rings.

The imperfections and surface inclusions present over the diamond metaphorically represent sentiments for marriage. These diamonds are rife with internal symbolism. The imperfections of salt and pepper diamonds signify the flaws of an individual when getting married the spouse should accept these flaws.

As the imperfections cannot be changed or removed from the diamonds but it can be made better looking in appearance by providing appropriate rose-cut, likewise the flaws in human nature should be accepted and should be tried for modification.

The salt and pepper diamonds are specially crafted for wedding rings or engagement rings for brides. They provide a distinctive and modern outlook to the jewelry.

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If opting for simple design, a solitaire stone with round, oval, cushion, or pear-cut will be appropriate and if a fashionable outlook is expected then raw or roughly cut stones can be framed with a rose-gold setting for the engagement ring.

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