Digital marketing tips for 2022 DetailsDigital marketing tips for 2022 Details

Today we will talk about the 3 marketing tips that you should implement for 2022. These tips will change the strategy of the marketing for good.

1. Featured snippets and zero position in Google

For many years, the goal of SEO has been to get your website or ad to appear at the top of search engines. Within the digital marketing trends in 2021 the main objective will be the same, but to be at the top of the searches with zero clicks. In that way? Zero-click searches refer to ‘zero position in Google’, that is, to the featured snippets on Google pages, and this is where the digital marketing and SEO trends in 2021 give the highest priority.

The zero position works differently from the other results: first, it is separated from the other results and is located in a small part of the upper side of the page. When users find the relevant information for their search on Google, before clicking on a link on a website, the most important thing is that it directly displays the relevant information waiting to answer the user’s questions without having to click on anything. Hence the name “zero position in Google”.

2. Green marketing

Like the trend of inclusive digital marketing, in 2021 we are still more concerned about the environment than ever. This is how the concept of Green marketing was born. Consumers want to make sure that the brands they give their money to are as concerned about the state of the planet as they are. Keep in mind that 81% of consumers believe that businesses should help improve the environment, according to a global survey. This explains the rise of sustainable and environmentally friendly brands, especially among younger consumers.

3. Interactive marketing

Although not exactly new as a digital marketing strategy, publishing interactive content has recently been recognized as a good practice, which is why we included it in our 2022 digital marketing trends list.

Interactive marketing not only helps attract the audience, but also improves the user experience. Content can include quizzes, open-ended questions, surveys, contests, giveaways, widgets, etc., and do wonders for your brand. More brands are focusing now on Twitch and other live streaming platforms. On Twitch, you can interact with the people and actually understand the strength of the product/service. If you are active with the streams schedule, then it’s an easy way how to get Twitch followers

At the very least, it will increase the time users interact on your networks, which could improve your position in search results and Google algorithms. But this goes well beyond the “green products” market, as all brands have something to gain by adopting green and sustainable practices. Therefore, the key is to communicate your commitment to the planet through your brand and your content, and if you have a startup, you can still make environmentalism a central element of your brand identity.

There are many ways to do it depending on the style of your brand, such as placing a prominent banner on your website, talking about it repeatedly on social media, etc. You can even go for more subtle methods, such as offering reusable bags in your brand’s colors or conveying environmental messages through your brand’s visual identity.

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