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Every day there are new changes in social networks, search or content marketing. New technologies are coming into our lives such as artificial intelligence, and algorithms are more and more efficient and intelligent. All these advances provide us with precision, but are difficult to grasp.

The key? Stay informed of new trends to better understand and better guide your strategy. You know it: what worked for you before may not work now… So we have grouped the trends for social networks and advertising.

Education: we love to learn new things!

Educational micro content and video clips like the Raw media to learn new information in seconds. There are also carousels to give advice, tips or tutorials on LinkedIn or Instagram.

It is now possible to bring together its educational content on the new “guides” section on Instagram. Moreover, we notice a high rate of engagement (comments, likes, shares) for this type of content and regardless of the form as long as it remains easily consumable on mobile. YouTube is the best place for this. Start creating high quality tutorial videos and buy YouTube views to get more organic reach to the targeted group of the users.

Social commerce: The new normal

In recent years we have seen the arrival of publications that contain tagged products on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Today products can be indicated on a video or a story. Inevitably with confinement it accelerated and democratized. Since then there has been the launch of the new Facebook Shop interface. The reason behind this popularity is the simplified and frictionless shopping experience. This launch will also have an impact on Instagram, and it will be possible to share the product, request information or even follow a delivery via Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct. In the future it will be possible to buy directly through these channels. In concrete terms, social networks will no longer be just an intermediary for an online store.

Short videos: 15 to 30sec

In 2020, TikTok and its short and playful video format exploded. Instagram followed by launching the Real Instagrams in the year, a new format à la “TikTok”, but which contains specific features. At launch Reals had a maximum duration of 15 seconds, today they can last 30 seconds. It seems quite similar to stories except that the Reals allow you to do a quick edit from your mobile.

For brands that target young people, this is a real boon since 41% of TikTok users are aged between 18 and 24 years old. On Instagram Reels you will also reach them, but also increase your reach. This new trend is highlighted for 12 months on Instagram and will be normalized after (and therefore lose popularity). Discover our short format video content that we have produced for Promod.

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