Guide to Budget TravelingGuide to Budget Traveling

People often consider to spend too much money on their travels. However, there have been many instances where people are travelling to places without spending a lot. They consider various things before kicking off their expedition, such as budget, locations, transportation, and accommodation. This helps them to keep their travel expenses under control.

This article will provide you with steps to ensure an affordable adventure to any destination, whether it is an exotic one or a native area.

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Now, let’s explore various ways in which we can save a lot of money while travelling around.

Tips to Save Money While Travelling Around

●    Create a Plan:

Spontaneous travelling is a great way to experience the world if you have the money and time for the same. However, you need to have a plan if you’re travelling under a budget. There is no need to have a tightly-scheduled itinerary, but you need to have an idea of the duration of your stay in each location and know the route of your excursion. This will help you avoid unwanted costs that can cut your trip’s duration short.

●    Avoid Travelling During School Holidays:

School holidays are the peak time for the travel industry. Avoiding such times can help you control your transportation expenses. You need to research the best time to visit the destination of your choice and travel before or after the peak time. These times are also called “Shoulder Season,” as you won’t expect many tourists in these locations. These are the times when hotel and transportation charges are usually lower to attract customers.

●    Be Prepared to Share Accommodation:

Dorm rooms and hostels are the most affordable alternatives to hotel rooms. You can divide the rent while sharing rooms. Renting communal bunk rooms will offer you the opportunity to meet people who are keen to explore the location with you. You can check out Airbnb and Couchsurfing to get the most appropriate accommodation that suits your requirements. It will lower your expenses and give you a glimpse of the real life in the location you visit. You can consider your host as your tourist guide. They will provide insights about the best restaurants and eateries along with the tourist spots of the area.

You can also stay with your family and friends living in the location you want to visit. They will take you to places which you’ve never heard of.

●    Ensure Proper Packing:

You need to ensure that you have everything in your backpack or luggage. It will help you avoid shopping for essential stuff. Always carry suitable clothes that can help you sustain the climate of the location you will be visiting. Thus, you can keep yourself protected from unpredictable weather.

●    Book Your Flights Before Time:

The best thing you can do is to book your flights, especially the return flights in advance. You don’t want to run out of money and have no return ticket. Airlines offer flight seats upto 12 months in advance, and the prices of departure flights can increase with time, especially during the last months. Booking flights early on will help you save a major chunk of money.

●    Know the Prices of Flight Tickets on Different Days:

Flight tickets are something that should be smartly purchased. Buying tickets on tuesday and other weekdays can save you a lot of money as compared to tickets brought for weekend travels. Queues during weekdays are usually shorter, which means you can clear the check-ins and security without causing any delay.

Another way to save money on flights is by booking economy tickets. You can spend the rest of the money on food and accommodation when you reach the place. For short travels, you can book budget-friendly airlines as they will offer cheap deals.

●    Use Public Transport:

Buses and trains have cheaper rates as compared to flights. Apart from that, booking an overnight train journey will help you lower the hostel rent as you won’t spend another night with them.

●    Control Your Food Expenses:

You can discover cheap yet delicious food in a fresh food market or a supermarket. You need to explore the place before finding the perfect food outlet. Always pick the food you need instead of splurging on everything that looks tasty. It will save your wallet and keep your waistline in check. Furthermore, hostels offer a kitchen where you can cook for yourself and save some money.

●    Earn While Travelling:

If you want to travel to your dream destination, you can do freelancing jobs while travelling around. For example, teaching another language in Paris or playing music while on a journey. It will earn you a lot of money and ensure the best experience you can ever have. Thus, you can also add such experiences to your “CV.”

Other Things You Need To Keep in Mind

●    Buy a Travel Insurance:

Travelling can be a fulfilling experience. However, you can also face some risks depending on how you try to avoid such situations, such as accidents, health scares, and loss of personal items. Having travel insurance will cover you for expenses such as hospital bills and other unexpected problems.

●    Use Your Redeem Points and Credit Card Rewards:

When you purchase things with your credit card, you will get redeem points and rewards. These rewards are especially helpful when you want to buy tickets and other necessary items while travelling around. Usage of such redeem points and rewards has helped many travellers save a significant chunk of money and avoid any unwanted situations.

●    Purchase a SIM card from the Location You Visit:

If roaming with your current sim card gets expensive, you can buy a local sim card from the destination you will be visiting. You should buy a sim card that offers pocket-friendly prices from local shops. Run a search on Google prior to the trip to find out the best places to get SIM cards.

●    Identify and Stay Away from Tourist Traps and Scams:

It is essential for every tourist to recognize the areas where they can be potentially scammed. For that, they can conduct thorough research that will help them become aware of the traps and scams where you can lose a lot of money, thus turning your journey into a sour experience.

Final Words

Exploring a new place is definitely something that everybody wants to do. It requires proper research and planning, which will help you explore these places better. Apart from that, it is essential to keep your travel expenses under control while on a journey, as it can help you in many ways.

At the same time, you can also look for alternative ways to earn money like singing, dancing or other freelancing jobs. That can be helpful, especially in situations where you need some money.

Hence, you can go for an affordable adventure that will give you some pleasurable memories for a lifetime.

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