Avoid A Wrongful Conviction CaseAvoid A Wrongful Conviction Case

The criminal justice system of the United States is designed to be as fair as possible when it comes to punishment. But, some people find themselves wrongfully accused of a crime they didn’t commit.

In this situation, you will need an experienced lawyer to help navigate the complications you’ll experience. We’ve put together a short guide on what to look for in an attorney during your wrongful conviction case.

Let’s dive in.

Enthusiasm for Your Case

Interestingly, many people tend to overlook this attribute when searching for a lawyer. But, it can easily be one of the most important to keep an eye out for.

If your attorney doesn’t have a significant amount of enthusiasm toward working on your case, you may not get the results that you expect. This is a scenario that you want to avoid at all costs, since falling short of exoneration means that you will be wrongfully convicted.

Instead, look for a lawyer who is passionate about clearing your name and going to whatever lengths they need to in order to keep you out of trouble. For those who are looking for methods to fund their legal expenses, you can visit this resource to learn more about pre-settlement funding.

How’s Their Performance in the Courtroom?

Some attorneys focus mainly on getting cases thrown out. But, there’s always the chance that a case will go to trial.

Unfortunately, not every attorney has a sufficient amount of experience in the courtroom. It’s imperative that you work with one who does since there are plenty of instances during a trial where your lawyer will only have a few seconds to object.

So, be sure to inquire how often their cases go to trial and the general outcome of this circumstance.

How Communicative Are They?

It is not realistic to expect your lawyer to be responsive 24/7. But, their team should be able to set up a meeting for you within a 24-hour period.

Since proving their innocence involves gathering evidence and handling time-sensitive events, it’s essential that you are able to quickly get in touch with them. It’s also worth noting that you should inquire about whether or not you will experience extra costs for contacting them outside of their business hours.

For example, some lawyers may reply to text messages or emails on their own time as a courtesy to their clients. But, others may charge for this extra service, and these charges can quickly accumulate to a substantial amount.

Handling a Wrongful Conviction Case Can Seem Intimidating

Fortunately, working with the right attorney will ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. From here, you will know exactly what to look for in the lawyer that handles your wrongful conviction case.

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