Enjoy Staycation with Limited BudgetEnjoy Staycation with Limited Budget

Not only do you have to be out of town or abroad, but vacations can also be done in the city. The concept of holidays in the city is called staycation. The origin of the expression staycation is a brief from the words ‘stay’ (stay) and ‘vacation’ (vacation).

The term staycation became popular in America about twelve years ago. Then it became known in England two years later, around 2009. The choice of staycation was caused by the two countries experiencing a financial crisis.

Plus, in America, gasoline reached its highest price around 2008. This has made many citizens have to save more on living costs, especially costs for traveling. Finally, many citizens of both countries prefer to vacation in the city where they live, especially at home.

One of the advantages of a staycation is the savings in tourist budgets because you don’t need a plane ticket or rent a vehicle. You can even get cheap hotels in Singapore.

Another advantage, a staycation is more time-saving than long-distance vacations that require the process of packing, the process to the airport, and changes in weather or time zones that make the body easily tired.

Various activities that can be done for a staycation include cycling around the city, picnicking in parks, visiting museums, enjoying festivals and events, recreation at playgrounds, going to beaches around the city, and staying at hotels.

Although it doesn’t require a lot of preparation, some things must be considered so that your staycation runs smoothly. Here are the tips:

Order a Breakfast Package

It would be wise for you to book a hotel room that comes with breakfast. So that your time is more efficient because you don’t have to leave the hotel just to find breakfast. Meals from hotels are usually already full of nutrients needed by the body.

Book a Hotel that Offers Various Activities

Make sure the hotel you are staying at offers various activities besides relaxing in your room. The swimming pool, gym, and yoga studio facilities can certainly be used for exercise.

Some hotels also have jogging tracks with beautiful views of the surroundings. Spa services are also worth considering for relaxation. A hotel with a play club or playground is definitely a good choice if you bring your kids with you.

Choose a Hotel with an Attractive Surrounding Environment

There is nothing wrong with choosing a hotel located on the city’s outskirts with views of the mountains or the beach. Beautiful scenery is believed to refresh the mind and body.

Vacationing Efficient and Practical

If you have a limited budget, choose a staycation holiday budget to vacation that is much more efficient than having traveled out of town. At the cost of one hundred to hundreds of thousands, you can experience new experiences while enjoying the facilities provided by lodging accommodations.

Plus, generally do a staycation with a group of friends. As a result, the costs that must be spent can be even more minimal and follow your millennials’ budget.

Not only that, but the concept of a staycation-style short vacation is also efficient. Does not require complicated preparation, only need to bring two to three clothes. Accommodation reservations can also be made suddenly, from 2-3 days to several hours in advance.

Same with vacation, staycation also gives you a refreshing effect even though the vacation is done quickly. You can learn to be productive in a short time, and you can do many things.

Limited Time

Live is productive, filled with the demands of work or educational impact on the lack of time to leave a short holiday. Faced with this, you don’t lose your mind. They choose short vacations at the inn when their schedule is empty, such as weekends or national holidays.

Self-existence Social

Can it not be denied? Media is a social media presence also brings a shift toward consumption motives hotel you right? In the past, hotels and lodging accommodations were very functional and were commonly used as transit points. However, the presence of millennials in various hotels and other accommodations is now driven by multiple motives and goals. One of them is to increase self-existence on social media.

Those are some of the activities you can do during your staycation time. Don’t forget to book your staycation room through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, and get your best deals there!

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