Taking Everything Into Account
Over time, our bodies age; there’s no way around it. Stages of life include birth, development, maturity, then the decline which creeps up owing to age. However, when you take good care of yourself, you can defer the negative effects of aging from the genetic level. In this writing, we’ll go over a health check up list to help you keep yourself at your best as long as possible.


  1. Exercise

This is definitely the first thing many people think of when it comes to health, and for good reason. Exercise helps you maintain yourself from the cellular level. It provides your body with necessary “good stress”. Bad stress reduces telomerase, which—without going into technical detail—keeps the strands of your DNA together like tape at the end of shoestring.

When you lose telomerase, you age. When you retain it, the aging process is at the very least arrested. Exercise keeps your body taut. Think of it like stretching a rubber band continuously, rather than just letting it be. Let it be and it will gradually decompose. Stretch it regularly (and in proper balance with its threshold to be stretched), and it will retain its elasticity for a longer period of time. Exercise is the same for people.


  1. The Proper Diet

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You can run your car on alcohol for a while before the engine seizes up and is useless. Similarly, you can run your body on junk food for a while before varying aspects of this synthetic nutrition ends up causing certain organic structures to fail internally. You need to eat natural, organic foods known to promote good health.

Avoid processed foods, avoid foods that have been laden down with chemical preservatives. You want meats, vegetables, and fruits which have been naturally sourced, and would expire within a few weeks if left alone. That which doesn’t expire so soon has had some sort of treatment that is probably not good for your body.


  1. Getting Some Sunshine

Your best source of vitamin D is the sun. Granted, you can supplement, but there’s no substitute for the great outdoors in terms of health benefits both physical and psychological; so be sure you get outside and enjoy good weather whenever you can.


  1. Maintaining Social Interaction

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Human beings are social. We’re not designed to function on our own—as the old saying goes, no man is an island. Accordingly, you need to regularly involve yourself in situations that incorporate positive social interaction.


  1. Not Overdoing It On Technology

Technology of the entertainment or computational variety isolates you and makes you sedentary. If you work a job that requires you sit at a computer eight hours a day, get a desk you can stand at, or an exercise ball to maintain core strength. Too much tech can implode your body and mind. Balance tech, so you don’t experience its varying negative impacts.


  1. Getting Check-Ups At The Right Time

Bodies change, and even if you’re not in a place of advanced age, you may well need a health screening to determine what specific things to avoid or pursue.

If you’re getting toward the end of your prime as a female, it is definitely recommended that you consult with an ObGyn clinic in Dallas. This may also be appropriate if you’re thinking about getting pregnant, or you’ve recently become pregnant. Also, reproductive issues predicate the services of such clinicians.

Keeping Yourself At Your Healthiest

Attaining and retaining health requires a proactive approach. Get checked up when the time is right, limit technology use or meter it with health-preserving devices like exercise balls, stay social, get sun, eat right, and exercise regularly in proportion to your specific needs. Make these items the core of your check list, and follow through for best results over the long run.


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