Don’t Avoid Medical Attention When You Need It

One of the biggest problems you’ll have with your knees, in terms of injury, comes from not having a qualified orthopedic professional examine issues soon enough. That’s according to WebMD, anyway. When you ignore knee pain, it often compounds the injury by degrees. 


We walk a lot, and that constantly impacts this most critical of human joints. Knees are designed to absorb a lot of impact, but there’s an upper limit to everything. If you overdo it, you can very easily injure yourself; and if you don’t do something about it when you’ve got the chance, you may be subject to a permanent limp.

With this in mind, in the following writing we’ll go over a few signs of knee pain or injury which indicate you should get medical help.


Swelling, Pain, And Stiffness

Whenever you sustain an injury, there is some level of inflammation—provided your body is operating from a previous position of healthy homeostasis, that is. If you’re unhealthy, or in shock, you may get a few injuries your body doesn’t immediately respond to; different situations can definitely impact how your body responds.

That said, with your knees, if you notice swelling, if the musculature around your knees gets stiff, if there’s clear pain, then these are very likely signs you’ve sustained some sort of injury. At that point, you want to consult the expertise of the right orthopedic doctor. Especially if the swelling, pain, or stiffness is to a degree prohibiting motion, seek medical assistance.


When Knees Are Visibly Deformed

Knee Pain and Injury – Visually Deformed

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If you take a step and your knee becomes visibly deformed, that’s a clear sign you need to check in with a knee doctor at Portland orthopedic centers, or somewhere appropriate. Visible deformities that are novel should not define how your knees look. If your kneecap is visible outside the skin, or out of position, something is clearly wrong that may well require surgery.


When Your Knees Make Pops And Crackles That Are Painful


Knee Pain and Injury – Pops and Crackles

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Your knees aren’t supposed to sound like a tin of popcorn on a stove whenever you walk. These bodily joints should be properly lubricated and smooth in functionality. That said, not all pops or crackles represent the existence of injury. If you feel and hear a strange “pop” followed by definite pain, that’s an issue.

But if your knee makes a little crackle here and there, it may not be anything. Conversely, it could be the start of something which develops into an issue much later on. Strange sounds coming from your knees may or may not be a sign you need to consult a professional. However, especially if your knees start making these noises out of nowhere, you may be well advised to seek medical attention.

Orthopedic professionals can examine your knees using varying techniques including physical examination, X-rays, and MRIs. All these methods can reveal hidden issues impossible to determine without the aid of modern medicine. As the old saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If your knee sounds like the percussion section of a three-piece band, get it looked at.


Preserving Your Knees

Some knee issues are relatively minor, some will give you a permanent limp and dependence on a cain. Different scenarios have different outcomes, and some are preventable. When you notice swelling, pain, dislocation, or funny noises, you may want to consult an orthopedic professional.

When you can catch injuries early, there’s a much greater likelihood of full recovery. The longer you go without proper assistance, the higher the likelihood you will lose overall recovery.

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