The logo creates the first impression for any brand and represents the image at first glance. A well-designed professional logo plays an essential role in making brands recognized among the large audience of millions around the world. It isn’t just the visual symbol but holds the core values and principles on which the whole brand is based. A newly launched brand has just a short span of merely a few seconds to attract the audience and convince them to try out your brand’s products and services. Therefore, businesses should give the utmost attention to the logo creation process to pick the best logo that forms an impressive image of the brand and create a sense of trust among the audience.


Make your logo appealing and memorable with a touch of uniqueness that distinguishes your brand from tough competition. There are multiple tools available that make the process of logo creation easy and provides outstanding design ideas. Let’s have a look at the top 10 great tools that create a professional logo design.

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Hatchful is a popular logo creator introduced by Shopify that offers several templates for logo creation. The interface of this tool is well-designed and user-friendly which is useful for beginners who don’t have any previous experience in creating a logo with an online tool. It also contains a customization option allowing users to edit the logo if needed. There are numerous downloading options available that contains images of different resolutions that supports website and social media campaigns. You can start using Hatchful free of cost, the fee will only be charged if you choose the premium templates.

  1. Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker is among the top online logo generators that automatically creates an impressive template for you. You are free to edit the logo according to your preferences like colors, text, fonts, size, etc. It offers the best logo designs not just free of cost but allowing you to use the logo where ever you want. You will be given all the commercial rights so you don’t have to worry about the license to use it over the internet. You can download different source files for the logo like SVG format enabling you to place it on business marketing material such as pamphlets, t-shirts, cards, etc. You can also access their other functionalities like website builder or name generator giving your new business a one-stop for all.

  1. Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill is another logo maker offering amazing logo design services for quite a long time. You can go crazy while creating your logo with unique and intuitive designs giving your logo extra detailing. If you love logos that are a combination of best colors, fonts, designs then give this tool a try. You can browse a wide range of icons, colors, and text and give your logo an attractive touch. It follows a quick process based on just three steps of picking the perfect logo for your brand. The best part of this tool is that it doesn’t limit you so more information can be added to the logo. Edit your logo and give a stunning look to your brand’s logo by customizing everything from icon to the whole layout.

  1. Canva

Canva is specially designed for beginners who are just about to start their new business or has taken a step into logo designing. It gives professional look to your logo and offers support for different platforms like website, social media, flyers, business cards, invitations, etc. You can select the most appropriate logo design that would suit your brand’s personality and look attractive when placed on different channels. You can download the logo in various formats from png, jpg to pdf, and start getting the service free. Switch to the paid version which gives access to certain more features like premium images and icons. It comes with a variety of templates in which you can perform changes like editing the colors, text, or fonts to make it look more interesting.

  1. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a premium logo creation tool that builds amazing and elegant logos. If helps you find the best visual style enhancing your brand’s personality. You just need to mention the name of your brand and add basic details about it, you can further choose other elements. You have the option to select from three logotypes like name-based, initial-based, and icon-based after you are done selecting anyone you’ll be showed a huge range of logo templates. This tool also shows you how your logo will appear over different platforms you give you a quick review. Tailor Brands is based on three pricing plans from basic to premium one, an increased number of features are provided with advanced versions.

  1. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings has a simple user-interface making logo creation easy for the users. You can access different features from the sidebar placed at the left of the window, allowing you to select the layout and shape you like. You have the freedom to perform customization in your logo design transforming it in a way that perfectly fits your brand. GraphicSprings gives you complete control over the details ensuring the logo is created according to your specifications. This tool comes with four different pricing plans, considering all types of users and their needs. Like other logon creation tools, it also offers multiple templates based on different categories. You can start with entering your business name, tagline, category and you’ll be shown templates that can be filtered according to trending and popular ones.

  1. Squarespace Logo Maker

If you want your logo to be simple, then Squarespace is the perfect option for you. This tool instantly shows you how the logo will look on a website, card, or t-shirt. You can test prototypes and select the ones which you think match the best with your brand. You can edit the screen and transform it the way you want for a minimalistic and slick logo design. Whether you want a complete customized template or a design for inspiration, Squarespace has the best range. You can download the logo for free in low-resolution and get to the higher one by purchasing it for $10 only. It has the best features available in ow cost so you can experiment with different designs with simple drag and drop functionality.

  1. Ucraft

Ucraft has a beginner-friendly user interface that doesn’t restrict users. This tool has made the addition and elimination of logo elements much easier with the simple design which isn’t provided in a very logo creation tool. You can download a high-resolution logo free of cost and offering multiple templates to choose from. As a bonus, it contains multiple ranges of icons over 220,000 which gives uniqueness to your logo making your brand stand out from the competition. It gives your logos a sparkle of colors with its huge color option along with different fonts for a stylish look. Finally, you can download a transparent PNG file for your logo design which can be used everywhere from website to social media channels. If you need the SVG file, it has a purchasing version that comes in $10.

  1. Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster logo generator helps you to create an appealing logo design for your brand. The name of this tool itself indicates that the logos are hipster-styled but also allows you to create modern and classic designs. You will be shown multiple ideas so you can go through each and decide which will be perfect for you. The final professional logo design can be downloaded free of cost without requiring any extra fee. However, if you want to download a high-resolution logo file, just pay $5 which is lesser than many other tools. Get the most of this remarkable budget-friendly logo generator targeting young audiences with its splendid and eye-catching designs. No skills or experience is required for using this tool, you’ll eventually end up creating an amazing logo design.

  1. Logogenie

Logogenie is another excellent logo creation tool that helps you to build next-level logo designs for your brand. There are endless choices of templates that will keep you engaged with it without getting bored. The easy to use interface provide everything you need for exceptional logo creation. It follows the easiest process of logo designing which is simple and doesn’t need logo design help. With Logogenie you can set your brand apart from your competitors with the latest designs that have the ability to catch the audience’s attention. It is largely used across the world and has helped many companies to get recognized on the basis of their outstanding logo. The minimalist look this tool offer will surely attract you towards it offering you a flawless set of designs.


A logo holds great importance as it represents the brand’s identity in the shortest span of time. Poorly designed leave a long-lasting negative impact on the audience which can’t be removed from their memory. Focus on creating a unique logo that distinguishes you from other brands and encourages the target audience to give your brand a try. The logo has the ability to make customers loyal to your business as it creates consistency which attracts the audience the most. Select any tool from above mentioned best online logo makers to create an amazing and eye-catching logo design.

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