Timber flooring looks fantastic in retail establishments, showrooms, and office buildings. They provide your space a beautiful appearance and your floors will continue to look their best with regular sanding and polishing.

Options for timber flooring include solid wood, engineered wood, laminate flooring, and sprung wood floors. Plank on ply, Direct stick, Plank on joists, Parquetry, Floating and Sprung flooring are some of the construction methods that are utilize for timber flooring.

Why Timber Flooring?

Compared to carpet, timber floors are easy to maintain and keep clean, and they also look great. Timber floors are popular in businesses because of their ageless appeal and classic appearance. Timber flooring can give any workplace or structure a contemporary flair. They can be the focal point of your workplace area with regular maintenance to keep them looking great.

Benefits of Timber Floors

Visually Appealing

Timber floors give any office area, cafe, restaurant, or other establishment with a large number of passing customers a stylish, contemporary appearance. They make any space appear upscale and refined.


Hardwood floors tend to accumulate less dust, filth, and dirt than carpets do. Simply said, floors are cleaner since mold and mildew don’t grow on them. In comparison to carpets, your floor will look fantastic and be much easier to fully clean. On timber flooring, there isn’t a lot of dirt, dust, or debris accumulated. Simply vacuum, mop, and maintain a dry floor to keep timber floors sparkling.


Wooden floors endure. The floors will endure as long as your building does if you buy high-quality flooring. Timber flooring are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting, making them perfect for high-traffic spaces like offices, showrooms, and greeting areas. Wood flooring have a timeless, traditional look.

Improved Acoustics

When built correctly, wood flooring won’t ever vibrate or make a hollow sound.

Added Advantage

Installing timber flooring immediately increases the value of your building. Selling or refinancing doesn’t affect your return on investment. Repairing scratches and other problems on the floor is significantly less expensive with renovations than it is with other types of flooring. The appearance is visually pleasant for enduring beauty.

Floor Maintenance

The level of maintenance of a commercial space depends on the installation and volume of regular foot traffic. For a more detailed maintenance, a professional help with sanding and polishing is recommended when the flooring shows significant signs of wear.

When the timber floor starts to look tired where the floor finish wears out, you can opt for an additional coat of polyurethane coating to be applied. The coating will significantly increase longevity and wear resistance of the wood flooring. Polyurethane coatings come in water base or solvent bases. Higher foot traffic area such as in retail spaces will require yearly floor coating to maintain its aesthetic appeal.

For facilities that require a quick maintenance method, a metalised polish called Renew is available. Renew coating will dry overnight and does not require a lot of prior clean-ups. This method is not as durable as polyurethane coating and requires frequent application.

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