These days many people prefer to decorate their apartment walls and floors with ceramic and porcelain tiles. As we all know that tiles are an easy and affordable way to create an inviting space. There are many options available in the market, from pool tiles, kitchen tiles to outdoor and bathroom tiles.

However, apart from these, another great option to achieve modern interior designs is Mirrored Tile! Yes, they are elegant and versatile in design, and you can use them pretty much everywhere in your home. They also have many good properties, such as durable, waterproof, and resistant to chemicals.

So, if you’re looking for decorative tiles, mirror tiles are the best. They come in various types of designs, styles. So, which one is best for your space?

In this blog, we’ve explained five different types of mirrored tile. You can install them in your kitchen, shower walls, restaurant, spa, and bathrooms and add a contemporary style to your place.

Here are five various types of mirrored tile design ideas for your home:

1. Subway Mirror Tiles

Subway tiles have a classic and traditional look; that’s why they’re extremely popular. It creates clean lines, which becomes the textured focal point. You can use subway mirror tiles as kitchen backsplash, living room, or even on ceilings.

2. Antique Mirror Tiles

These tiles have been treated in a way that they have a vintage and aged finish. If you want to create a rustic and vintage ambiance, antique mirror tiles are the best. They’ll create a warm, inviting environment because they’re not as reflective as the regular mirrored tile.

3. Mosaic Mirror Tiles

Yes, mirror tiles also come in various sizes, and mosaic ones are really small. You can use them to create a pattern or texture. The best thing is that you don’t have to put each tile one by one. These tiles have a mesh backing, which makes the whole installation process easy.  

4. Colored Mirror Tiles

Colored tiles are a great option for those who want to add some drama and funky touch to their home.

These tiles come in many color options, so you can create different patterns and designs.

5. Mirror Tile Sheets

Yes, they also come in sheets! It is much easier and faster to install these sheets as compared to mosaic tiles. These tiles come in long and narrow strips that you can apply on your kitchen backsplash or any other part of your house.


Mirrored tile reflects the light; hence it’ll create the illusion of more space. You can also install them for a fun, unexpected look. They’ll surely become the point of attraction in your house.

Most of the mirrored tiles are self-adhesive. However, it’s best to use a commercial-grade tile adhesive to ensure its safety. You can use CRL Gunther Extra/Build Mirror Mastic or equivalent. Never use any type of solvent glues or construction and generic adhesives as they’ll not securely hold the tiles.  

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