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Summer is already here! In this hot, sweating climate, we all love to take a cold shower. Many people just think of their bathrooms just as a bathing space and don’t pay much attention to their characteristics & designs like shower doors. However, this space is as important as other parts of your home. A bathroom not only can uplift the interiors but also can increase the value of your property.

So, it’s time you should think about remodeling or renovating your bathing area. Don’t only think about equipping their bathrooms with premium showerhead, soap and toothbrush holders, elegant faucets.

Whenever you’re selecting the design, make sure to get the right shower door. You’ll be amazed to know that not all shower doors are the same. Yes, there’s a wide variety of designs and styles available in the market. So, which shower door is good for your bathroom? Let’s know.

Here are five different types of shower doors:

1. Sliding Doors

Sliding or bypass shower doors are perfect for smaller-sized bathrooms with closely spaced fixtures. They have 2 or 3 panels; that’s why it is hard to maintain them.

2. Frameless Doors 

These days frameless doors are in trend. They provide an elegant look and create a sense of spaciousness. They are also easy to clean and maintain. So whether you’re going for modern and contemporary interior design, these doors will be a great option.

You can even customize them according to your bath space. Yes, go with the custom glass shower doors frameless type and create a luxurious-looking shower area.

3. Bi-Fold Shower Doors  

Are you looking for a wider walk-in opening but don’t have enough space for a pivot door? The best door for you will be the Folding or bi-fold shower door! They’ll give a clean, custom glass look. You can even install these glass doors over a shower stall or a tub.

4. Framed Shower Doors 

These types of doors have frames around the glass panels like a border. These frames generally are made of aluminum or composite materials. Available in various styles and finishes, framed doors are affordable than the other types of shower doors.

Their installation is easy and fast, but you have to put a lot of effort into keeping them clean and shiny. Also, there are chances of corrosion of the frame over a period of time.

5. Pivoting Door

Pivoting shower doors or swinging or hinged doors are standard doors that we use in rooms. They give a wide opening, that’s why ideal for large-sized bathrooms. Installation of these doors is a little bit tricky, so make sure to take the measurement accurately.

Also, ensure that there is enough space between the fully-opened door and its surrounding. There is no doubt that they’ll make a statement in a traditional or cottage-style bath.


No matter what type of shower door you’re installing, always take all the measurements carefully. It is the easiest way to add aesthetic beauty to your bathrooms.

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