different wall texturesdifferent wall textures

Choosing the right look for your interior walls can be difficult. Especially since there are so many colors and designs to choose from. Colors are the most basic aspect of painting our home walls. However, apart from the bedroom colour combination, various other things can help us in giving the space an interesting look. One such timeless element is textured walls.

Why Wall Textures?

Wall textures are a great way to add a statement to your room and to spice up your living space. They can add dimension and depth to any space. They are a great choice if you are looking to add some life to a flat color scheme or just want to add some personality to your home.

Textured walls are also great for masking signs of wear and tear. They make the walls more durable and resistant to minor wear and tear than smooth walls.

With the wide variety of textures available, wall textures are a great way to personalize a space. It will get rid of the monotony in the design of the house. One can choose a wall texture that best suits the character of their living space.

Various Textured Patterns

Here are a few popular and common types of textured patterns:

  1. Comb: This texture is produced using techniques that create lines of various shapes and widths in the drywall compound. It is one of the most simplistic texturing techniques and is often used to produce a repeated series of rainbow patterns on drywall. Make sure you practice your artistic skills on spare drywall when aiming for perfect concentric circles. You can always hire professional painting service providers if you want a durable and perfect job to be done.
  1. Popcorn: Ceiling in popcorn texture are a classic style of the 70s. in fact, they can still be seen in countless homes today. This popularity of the wall texture comes from its ability to hide imperfections and to absorb sound between floors and walls. The texture is also very easy to do and very affordable.
  1. Orange Peel: This texture looks exactly as it sounds- like a peel of an orange. This texture will require you to prime the wall ahead of time for the texture to have a smooth and dirt-free surface to stick to. It is another texture that is extremely popular and works great in bedrooms as well as living rooms.
  1. Knockdown: This technique creates a unique, rustic pattern that is easy to do. The knockdown texture is used to add warmth and dimension to drywall and looks like a stucco finish. The process of making this texture is similar to that of the orange peel, with a few extra steps. However, the process can get a lot messier than orange peel. Knockdown textures create a highly contemporary wall texture and are great for places with offbeat interiors.
  1. Sand swirl: Sand swirl wall texture is another common and popular pattern that can take a little practice to perfect. The making of this pattern mostly requires two people to work at it at the same time. This wall texture adds a feeling of individuality to the room without stealing the entire attention for itself.

There are a host of other textures like slap brush, slap brush knockdown, Skip-trowel, rosebud, crow’s feet, etc. that one can look into when choosing the right texture for space.

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