Find Hidden Water Leaks In Your Property Without Causing DamageFind Hidden Water Leaks In Your Property Without Causing Damage

Every home or business relies on water in various forms until it is safely contained in a sink, pipe, or tub. But it can also become an enemy and cause severe damage if it goes where it shouldn’t be. Yes, we are talking about water leaks which can cause serious issues, especially when it gets unnoticed or are not attended to on time.

But if you detect them early, you can easily avoid various problems which can be caused due to water leaks. Here the main question is how to detect the hidden leaks in your property?

1. Keep an eye on the water meter.

This is one of the first and the simplest ways to detect a water leak in your property without any damage. That means, if you are noticing that you are using more water than usual or it is spinning faster than normal, then there may be a chance that there is a water leak. But on the other hand, you are not watching any water leaks from any of the pipes.

However, when there is a water leak behind the walls and under the floor, it will get undetected for an extended period of time which the high bill of water can easily judge. So, if you want to confirm this, it is essential to keep an eye on your water meter. If you do so, you can easily avoid high bills and save your money over time by finding and fixing the leaks. In the case of a water leak calling a professional for water damage repair will be a wise choice as they thoroughly inspect your property and then do the needful.

2. Go for a visual inspection.

When the water leaks inside the ceiling or any walls of the home, it will slowly get unnoticed until it’s too late. That means that if the leaks in your property are inside the walls, no one in your family will be able to know there is any type of leak in your property. But if you want to save your property from any kind of leaks, you have to go for a simple visual inspection.

For that, you have to take a closer look at the walls and the ceilings of every room, even the kitchen, toilets, etc.; while doing the inspection, if you notice any type of staining or discoloration, there will be a hidden leak in the form of a burst pipe. So, don’t ignore this issue or don’t be too late to get it repaired; if you do so, it will cause immense damage to your home, which will take your hundreds of dollars.

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3. Take a look at your faucets.

In many homes, the primary source of a water leak is faucets. Sometimes, a worn rubber washer is the main culprit, which you can see underneath the handle. Apart from that, another best idea to check water leaks is by shutting off all the facets of your home and letting your home sit overnight. When morning comes, please turn on the faucets one by one and check no water leaks from any of them. However, if you find water leaking in any faucets, turn off the faucets and examine your connection. Here you can also take the help of a professional plumber as they will inspect the home and find the main source of the leak.

Moreover, many leaks only need periodic inspection and minor repairs, but some require an expert plumber to repair them, and they take a handsome amount of money. So, for the best result, check your faucets if you have doubts about water leaks.

4. Take a look at the usage.

There may be a case when your water bill is high, and you are not getting any water leak anywhere. In this case, your home is dealing with a hidden water leak. The hidden water leak in your home results from a minute defect in the plumbing system, due to which there is a steady stream of leakage from any of the unattended points, which leads to high water bills and wastewater.

This problem offers expensive damage to your home and wastes wastewater to a large extent. However, many hidden leaks can be fixed yourself, but many need a professional plumber.

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5. Look for signs of mold.

Mold can grow on any surface with excess moisture, like in the kitchen and bathrooms. The mold problem may not even alter you until it starts causing issues. However, the mold in your home is a sure sign of a water leak; you must get it repaired as soon as possible by a water damage repair professional. So, take care of signs of mold; otherwise, they will become a big problem and can take your hard-earned money. The presence of mold in the home also welcomes various health-related issues, especially in elders and kids.

6. Grab some food coloring

Toilets in every home account for around 30% of the water use, so ensure that they are running properly and are in good condition. To test any leak, you must add a few drops of food coloring to your toilet tank and then wait for at least 10 minutes.

After some time, when you turn off the faucet and the color shows up in your bowl, there is a leak that allows water to flow from the tank to the drain.

7. Appliance issues

There are a number of electrical appliances in your home that use water, such as a washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, etc. However, these appliances indeed develop cracks and rust over time. That means once the hoses of these appliances deteriorate, they will surely contribute to water leaks that cause water damage. 

So, if you want to detect the water leak, then ensure to check these electrical appliances for leaks, and if there is a leak, repair them as soon as possible to save your money and time. Some of these electrical appliances are: –

  • Washing machine
  • Water heater
  • HVAC Unit
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator

If you ignore them and don’t go for regular maintenance, moisture will start developing, which leads to mold and mildew.

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The bottom line

Now, after reading the above pointers, you come to know various ways to detect water leaks on your property without any damage. However, water leaks can happen anytime and anywhere but fixing them quickly is the wise idea to prevent further damage. So, if you find any type of water leaks in your home, ensure to call a professional plumber and water damage repair to resolve the issue without taking much time.

Moreover, don’t think it is only a minor leak as it can also become big and will cause severe damage if not on time. In this regard, also ensure that you only hire the best water damage repair company for the work after thorough research.

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